James Tomlinson, a BJJ black belt from Australia, shows us some really cool stretches and exercises that are so beneficial to our bodies, both before and after our BJJ class.

4:14 Active Pigeon
5:45 Cossack Squat
7:12 Side-Lying T Spine Rotation
11:11 Kneeling Wall Stretch
12:56 Advanced Kneeling Wall Stretch
14:21 Lying Scorpion Stretch

Tomlinson won a national championship in 2006 and international competition in 2007. At the same time he was constantly improving his physical conditioning knowledge, on his way to becoming one of the first certified kettlebell trainers in Australia.

At the start of 2008 he found Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It totally kicked his butt! After this point, his passion for learning martial arts took a new path and he started to conceive ways to get stronger and fitter for this new challenge. He quickly became the go to guy to ask about improving physically for BJJ.

Traveling, training and competing for extended periods of time in Brazil, the United States and Canada enabled JT to see how jiu-jitsu was evolving at the highest level. His constant quest to find the most effective training methods would continue to give him a competitive advantage on the mat. From that time, he has worked with multiple world-champions as well as some of Australia’s best grapplers

Having experienced his own battles with injury and seeing others suffer the pain of time lost on the mats, James decided that he wants to help more people roll better for longer using the right training.