Side Control Escape by Xande Ribeiro

This video demonstrates a side control escape that helped Xande Ribeiro to not get his guard passed in competition in the last 15 years.

The detailed concepts are explained in the “Diamond Concept of Defense” by Xande Ribeiro instructional DVD. Also, if you are generally interested in the topic of Guard Retention in BJJ, we have a detailed and praised article on the subject matter called BJJ Guard Retention Guide Essentials!

The Diamond Concept was originally created, in Xande’s words, as a form of side control escape.

What is a Diamond Concept in itself? It is an idea of “How can I connect my body in a way that it creates a structure that is strong in resistance? Pressure creates diamonds. So, as soon as I feel pressure, I need to make my body move and create an element to make a connection.”

In this video, one of the most important points is Xande’s idea of micro-movements in side control vs big range movements, which almost everyone does.

The rest of the instructions are not easy to describe in words, you’ll just have to watch the video several times.

Of course, the final aim of this escape is to put the knee back in-between your connection with an opponent, and connect the knee with your elbow.

The diamond guard is all about keeping the person in the “force-field” (diamond-shaped connection of your elbows and knees). If the person manages to enter deep in your force field and approach you near your face, then the methods of Vortex, Upa, Knee Shield work together to return him back.

At 13:15 minutes into the video, there is a phenomenal Diamond guard drill, that you can do whenever you like!

Xande believes that the side control escape is the biggest reason why no one passes his guard.