BJJ solo drills for guard

In this short 6-min long video, Chad “The Beast” Hardy – a black belt and Chewjitsu’s training partner for many years – shows us some of the most important solo drills that we can do in spare time to improve our guard game. From technical stand-up to attack, side rolls, inverting, hip escapes to back and front, etc. Chad recommends to do it for like 5-10 minutes when you can, combining them into one long sequence.

Additionaly, BJJ World Championship Silver Medalist Almiro Barros from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 excellent solo guard recovery drills, in this 1-minute only long video. These guys at Evolve know how to pack an essence of BJJ things into extremely short but useful videos.

Solo Drills For Inverted Guard Mobility And Movement Drills

If you practice drills in the following video regularly, you’re going to see a massive improvement, not only in your inverted guard skills, but also in your overall mobility.

It is just 3,5 minute long video, packed with beautiful solo drills, on and off the wall.

Sam Byrne is a Qualified Personal Trainer, Grappler and Movement Enthusiast from the South of England, and founder of “Movement for BJJ” video series.