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Joe Rogan Gordon Ryan

Joe Rogan Calls Gordon Ryan “The Best Jiu-Jitsu Player On Earth”

"Gordon is, undeniably, the best pound-for-pount jiu jitsu player on Earth." Joe Rogan "Not just the best, but the best ever. And you're only 25?" In the...
Leg Lock Essentials

BJJ Leg Locks Essentials Guide

Traditionally overlooked and frowned upon by many BJJ practitioners, both Gi and No-Gi grapplers have come to appreciate the benefits of a solid leg...
John Danaher Philosophy

The Philosophy Of Martial Arts (By John Danaher)

John Danaher is generally perceived as one of the most important Jiu-Jitsu coaches of his generation. He is a BJJ black belt under Renzo...
Ashi Garami Vs Outside Ashi

BJJ Leglocks: Ashi Garami Vs Outside Ashi

Leg attacks are probably one the most exciting genre of grappling submissions today. With the continued rise in popularity of the sub-only No-Gi competition...
Charles Harriott BJJ

Honey Hole BJJ Spring Camp, Entrances and Escapes

Honey Hole BJJ position is an ashi garami (jap. "leg entanglement") variant, where one of your legs goes across the leg of your opponent,...

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