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Leg Lock Essentials

BJJ Leg Locks Essentials Guide

Traditionally overlooked and frowned upon by many BJJ practitioners, both Gi and No-Gi grapplers have come to appreciate the benefits of a solid leg...
Ashi Garami Vs Outside Ashi

BJJ Leglocks: Ashi Garami Vs Outside Ashi

Leg attacks are probably one the most exciting genre of grappling submissions today. With the continued rise in popularity of the sub-only No-Gi competition...

Three Chokes In Jiu-Jitsu That Everybody Should Know (By Lachlan Giles)

Lachlan Giles, an Australian grappler, teacher and accomplished black belt in BJJ under John Simon (ADCC gold medalist in 2019 for Asia/Oceania region), together with...

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