Tatami BJJ Grapplers Finger Tape Jiu Jitsu MMA Wrestling - 4 Roll Pack

Fingers take the brunt of impact during any Jiu Jitsu activity, with sleeve, pant, lapel and belt grips all combining to add pressure to joints. For those who train hard and regular, this constant strain can lead to inflammation or in the worst cases, long-term injury. That’s where BJJ finger tape comes into the equation. 

Perfect for hand-to-hand combat, BJJ finger tape aims to tackle these problems. Despite being extra sticky around the hands, the soft and supple feel of the tape still makes it comfortable to use. Its strength encourages improved finger grip function and allows you to maximize your performance while protecting against injuries.

If you are drilling a spider guard, not using finger tape is same as not using your mouthguard. A robust tape gives good support and is easy to break so you can apply it quickly if necessary.

Tatami’s finger tape is much better than other tapes we have used before. One observation though is when you apply the tape at the beginning of the class, roll it up a bit loosely because your fingers and knuckles will enlarge during the training session. If you tighten the tape too much, your fingers could hurt in the middle of training.

You can cut the stripes without scissors, and it stays on for the whole training session. This tape holds up well for fingers and toes for BJJ class.

Finger Tape from Tatami info:

  • Sports Zinc Oxide finger strapping tape for protection and injury prevention.
  • Ideal for Jiu Jitsu. Very strong adhesive.
  • Size: 10mm x 10 metres