This time, we have a beautiful seminar at the BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp in Germany, with Wim Deputter teaching what he calls the Koala back attacks system.

Wim Deputter is a Belgian black belt under Felipe Costa and former MMA-fighter, now full-time BJJ-competitor and coach. His mission is training BJJ-athletes and helping MMA-fighters improve their ground game.

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As always, we also included the timeline so you can more easily return/skip to the exact drill that you need:

0:30 – An introduction to Wim Deputter’s Koala concept of back attacks
3:06 – The seatbelt grip: position, problems, drill
5:50 – Attack from seatbelt position, foot on the hip, body triangle, preventing escape – drill
11:21 – Preventing escaping, in detail
17:50 – Rear naked choke submission
21:56 – Neck crank to shoulder-lock to a triangle choke, “the weakest link principle” explained
28:12 – Solution when the opponent manages to bridge over and then goes belly-down position
35:05 – Solution when the opponent immediately goes to the other side
39:24 – Questions & Answers