Chris Fensom, a British BJJ fighter, instructor, and black belt under legendary Roger Gracie, leads us step-by-step in this great Austria Camp footlock mastery video seminar on the subject of perfecting our straight foot lock submission game.

He shows us how to progressively deepen our technique of this very first leglock that we learn as white belts, however like with anything in Jiu-Jitsu, there are levels to it and perfecting this submission requires technique, precision, timing, and proper understanding.
For more info on various leglocks in BJJ, check out our page: BJJ Leg Locks Essentials Guide.

In this less than half an hour seminar, you can learn everything you need to top up your BJJ footlock game to new heights! We also included the timeline, so you can return to the needed part more easily:

0:07 – An introduction
1:17 – Inside leg position
2:48 – Ashi garami position
4:20 – Ashi garami drill
4:52 – Grabbing the toes drill
9:10 – Elevating hips off the floor drill
10:22 – Defending the foot lock drill
13:48 – Finishing the foot lock from kneeling position, opposite to opponent drill
16:19 – Kneeling position to combat base to Honey Hole drill
18:43 – Standing up, Single Leg X guard, Sweep drill
22:02 – Finishing words