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Straight Footlock Mastery (Seminar by Chris Fensom)

Chris Fensom, a British BJJ fighter, instructor, and black belt under legendary Roger Gracie, leads us step-by-step in this great Austria Camp footlock mastery...

The Most Efficient Straight Foot Lock (By Luiz Panza)

Oftentimes, we hear from other BJJ practitioners that "they don't tap to foot-locks", and sometimes these "other practitioners" are ourselves - if we will...
Leg Lock Essentials

BJJ Leg Locks Essentials Guide

Traditionally overlooked and frowned upon by many BJJ practitioners, both Gi and No-Gi grapplers have come to appreciate the benefits of a solid leg...
Ashi Garami Vs Outside Ashi

BJJ Leglocks: Ashi Garami Vs Outside Ashi

Leg attacks are probably one the most exciting genre of grappling submissions today. With the continued rise in popularity of the sub-only No-Gi competition...
Footlock escape to mount position

Escaping The Footlock To Mount And Arbmar (By Mike V)

BJJ Universe’s associate and black belt of 11 years under Team Alliance Academy in Maryland, USA, Mike Vicioustacion shows us in this 3-minute long video...
How to Connect the Footlock, Belly Down Footlock, & Kneebar

How To Connect The Footlock, Belly Down Footlock And Kneebar

Mike Vicioustacion is a BJJ Black Belt in Maryland, USA with 11 years of experience, and trains under team Alliance. In this video that...

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